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Keeping Computer Rooms Cool in Kamloops – Whatever it Takes

June 24th 2021

Keeping Computer Rooms Cool in Kamloops – Whatever it Takes

SilverServers is the operator of the Canshield Data Centre in Kamloops and a provider of local speed-optimized website hosting. Part of our job is to monitor, maintain, and improve the centre’s operations. One of those tasks is to make sure that there's enough air conditioning in the server room as Canshield's client-base grows. This job is done by Computer Room Air Conditioning Units – or CRAC Units.

What are CRAC Units, you ask? They are high tech devices that closely monitor and keep the air temperature, distribution, and humidity constant in data centers – basically complex air conditioning units.

CRAC Unit Compressors

Why are they needed? Servers work hard, and just like humans, the harder they work, the more they heat up. But unlike humans, servers can’t take a break when they’re overheating, so it’s up to us professionals to create climate-controlled colocation spaces to keep them operating problem-free – just like Canshield Data Centre has done.

Canshield Data Centre was built with two units upstairs and two units downstairs – and no way to add more units or move the existing ones. When we noticed that upstairs needed more CRAC, we had to get creative. Luckily, thinking creatively comes second nature to our team. With many creative and logical thinkers, we’re a perfect team for this job. Putting all our heads together, we came up with a way to get the job done. Believe me – moving a CRAC unit is no small feat! The SilverServers team had to completely disassemble the unit, move all the pieces upstairs, and reassemble it in a much smaller space.

When dealing with hundreds of kilograms of metal, there's no real margin for error. We made full use of our team's problem-solving skills, unique experiences, and creative thinking to prioritize the safety of both people and equipment throughout the process.

Evaporator coil from a computer room air conditioning unit

To give you an idea of just how much material we’re talking about here, I’ll break to down into the approximate weight of each of the pieces:

2 Compressors: 225kg each
Electric motor: 90kg
Evaporator coil: 135kg
Blowers: 90kg
Frame/chassis: 90kg
TOTAL: ~855kg

SilverServers Inc. has been involved in the colocation industry since 1997, as a customer and as a supplier. With a focus on providing highly-reliable, low-cost colocation, even small and medium businesses can take advantage of having dedicated server resources.

Canshield’s 10,000 square foot building was designed as a Tier III secure facility for mission-critical communications equipment and is protected by rebar reinforced concrete cinder blocks and structural steel bracing. The facility is monitored 24/7 using our own custom-built monitoring solution to ensure that temperatures and humidity are optimal for server performance. We take server performance seriously and will do whatever it takes to keep your data safe, including carefully hauling nearly 1000kg of equipment to another floor.

To get your server in the Canshield Data Centre's now-significantly-cooler colocation services, contact us or Canshield.

To learn about having your website hosted with SilverServers, contact us today! With over 20 years of hosting experience, you may find that our optimized hardware can load your website faster than it ever loaded before.

For more, check out the SilverServers News section of the blog!

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