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Ask Shell Busey

January 13th 2016

Ask Shell Busey

Custom Website Development for clients like Shell Busey's House Smart Referral Network comes with a lot of fun and a lot of challenges. While some of our clients might have a few pages of content on their websites, Shell has hundreds of pages of content in articles and referral members. We worked together with Karri-Ann at Sixty84 Graphic Designs and came up with a new responsive design that would allow for full-width 1080p screens as well as allowing for the site to automatically scale down to fit nicely on mobile devices. Once we had their new look we had to create and modify custom Content Management features that would allow us to take all of their old content and carry it over into the new site. As part of our Grassroots SEO and Management program we made many changes to the site that will allow Shell's HouseSmart team better manage their content to match recommendations based on analytics.

An addition to www.askshell.comincludes the ability to sign up using Facebook and Twitter acccounts as well as the more traditional email. Working with Facebook and Twitter are things we've done on a number of other projects. In previous projects there weren't any past users to integrate with. In this case there were already 10's of thousands of members, so we had to come up with a way to allow past and new members to all log in with whichever method they prefer.

Ask Shell is no longer managed by SilverServers. We enjoyed working with Shell Busey and his team! They're still a great source of information for home repair/renovation. Check out some more of our past and present SEO work!