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Managing My Website - Why should I add new content?

June 20th 2016

Managing My Website - Why should I add new content?

When SilverServers created the Grassroots SEO and Maintenance program we knew search engines feast on good quality content. As we researched the content on websites around Kamloops we discovered that very few of the websites had content that made it easy for search engines to know who they should send to the website. Even more interesting, we found that most websites had content that hadn't been updated in months or years.

In a recent article posted on CBC that explains a bit about how Google works, there was a very powerful statement that came directly from Aaron Brindle, head of public affairs for Google Canada. In this quote he said "The reality is … our web crawlers don't index every website continuously," he said. "We do look at sites that are frequently updating their content and we try and make sure that those are reflected with updates more regularly." Google clearly knows that people want fresh up-to-date content and in turn pays more attention to websites that fill this need.

As a business owner, your website can be one of your most cost-effective sales and communication tools. Unfortunately, most businesses invest as little time and money as possible into their website simply because they don't understand the value or see the opportunity. Like most things in life, the less you put in the less you're likely to get back. Our proposal is simple, add (or revamp) at least one page or article worth of optimized content each month so that Google and your visitors will have a reason to keep coming back.

Keeping your website fresh and SEO friendly doesn't have to take a lot of your time and doesn't cost much. Working with a skilled team can help you do these things quickly and cost effectively. A little investment can lead to more quality website traffic and the effects of each new posting can last a long time.

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