SilverServers Old Hat Seo Tips: Issue 1

April 18th 2016

SilverServers Old Hat Seo Tips: Issue 1

SilverServers Inc provides the basic SEO tools required to get your website off the ground and into search results in Kamloops and around the world. We see all the time how many old, pervasive and harmful SEO techniques are still in use today. Thanks to Google, SEO is a continually moving machine. What worked even a year ago, could possibly harm your site now! It's important to keep up with the SEO environment and react timely to changes.

Here's edition one of Chris Brock's Old Hat Seo Tips:

Keywords keywords keywords. Filling your content with as many uses of your targeted keywords as possible is no longer a suggested SEO tactic. Repeated overuse of a few words usually makes for hard to read, hard to understand content. Users get lost in the many uses and references and miss out on your real message. If a user misses out, Google most likely will as well.

It's a bit ironic that robotic use of keywords is now what confuses the robots. In an effort to predict human value in language, Google has come a long way in programming their AI to act and think like a human would. They've got years and years of millions of human actions to base their logic on and have always been dead set on constant improvement.

Gone are the days of sneaking extra keywords into content much like smuggling spy tools in a suitcase. No more convincing your friend or boss that using the word “ice cream” 10 times in your first paragraph is relevant and still readable.

The solution? Write great content that reads well for users, making sure you use your keywords in focused, relevant and intelligent ways. If Google finds congruent keyword focus across the titles/headings/content of a page in a format that makes sense, you're going to affect your keyword emphasis in a positive way. There are legitimate areas that keywords can still be used to help confirm Google's overall picture of the content across you entire site. Image alt tags for example are a great way to keep your SEO focus congruent. While not a large factor necessarily, if all the images on each page of your site have relevant, simple and effective alt tag information Google is going to notice.

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